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Mission on Earth

Mission on Earth
Welcome fellow Jedi!
You may have heard about the Jedi Society's Mission on Earth. This page is to searve to inform all Jedi about the Mission on Earth and up-coming adventures, and hopefully, to get you signed up on the next flight!
Feel free to read the monthy reports written by a few of the Jedi currently in the Mission on Earth program.
Well, good luck, and may the Force be with you!

The Jedi Mission on Earth was formed shortly after the first intergalactic space travel. The Jedi were sent for their ability to blend in and conceal their true identities.
Earth was chosen when a brave Jedi Knight stumbled across a planet that resembled the planets Corellia and the former Alderaan. After landing, the Jedi discovered a few children strong in the Force. This provided the perfect cover. The Earthlings were taken and the Jedi were subsitituted for them. The Earth children were then transported back to our galaxy where they would get their memories erased and undergo Jedi training.
Then we, using our Jedi powers would adapt to the personality of our new identity. To other Earthlings we appear the same as the Earthling's place we took; but to each other, we stay our true identity. To keep our mission secret, we used our Jedi names for communiating with eachother and back home.
The purpose for the Mission is to explore this new galaxy and learn more about it. This way we can see if our theories are correct.
Eventually, we will travel back home once we have learned all we need. Then, depending upon the New Republic's decision, we may start to colonize this new galaxy, or leave it be.
Only time will tell.
May the Force be with you!