The Jedi Society needs help......

The Jedi society needs some help, can you help us?
Keep reading to see what you could do.....

Alright, here's the deal, until recently, the J.S. was doing fine. Then, we had a few problems. Now they're bigger. It's too hard to explain, but now we are giving our members(and other Star Wars fans) a chance to help us. We need help with the following things:

Pictures- If someone could email me (Gemi) good pictures, it would be very helpful!
Stories-Sure, we have a few, but we could use more!
Sounds and music-For some reason, my browser seems incapable of getting these things! I'm getting it fixed....but I could use help!!!
Another Editor-This is one of the things I'm not sure would work....I'd like to get someone else to help me maintain and edit these pages, so if you're interested email me!
Anything else you can think of!!!!

If you can help it would be much appreciated! Please email me!

Gemi Skylighter
Holland, MI 49424
United States

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