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Welcome to the Jedi Society!

Greetings! Welcome to the Jedi Society, fellow Jedi. We hope that you enjoy your stay here. The Jedi Society was formed as a place for Jedi of all kinds to meet. You may notice that we are constantly working on improving our site. Eventually, we hope for it to be one of the best Star Wars sites out here. So for now, sit back, relax and enjoy!

~Jedi Master Mebem~
Notice: Master Mebem was formerly Gemi. New email address and name, her computer crashed (again!)so if you submitted to be a member, please do so again.

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The Fall of the Empire
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Mission on Earth.

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Talk to Master Mebem on ICQ! Her nickname is Spuddy (Don't ask...) and her # is 16424374 .Or you can contact Lavi. Her # is 9434123.

Want to join the Jedi Society? All you have to do is mail Gemi. Be sure to include your name, your lightsaber color, your stats, and anything else you care to add.

P.S. The Society has no connections at all with LucasFilm. This is all unofficial and just for fun!

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