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The Members!

Editors/Head Writers/Head Jedi

Gemi Skylighter
Chat ID-Red/Rogue Leader
lightsaber-Dark Green
Description- Gemi has long, bright red
hair and is 5 feet 6 inches tall. She worked as a smuggler for a very short time before joining the Jedi Academy on Yavin Four. Gemi has a habit of just jumping headfirst into things without thinking. She can be outgoing when she wants to,
but usually she prefers to do things herself. She's got a big
mouth that always gets her into trouble and if she's lucky,
it can get her out of it too!

Head Writer
Lavi Lightbearer
Chat ID-Red/Rogue Two
Description- Lavi has curly blond hair and is 5 feet 3 inches
tall. She has light blue eyes. She was abandoned at the age of
three on Coruscant. She is a great smuggler who has had many
incredible bounties on her. She has been behind some of the
greatest scams in the galaxy, yet she is still a Jedi Knight!
In fact, she's even convinced Gemi to help her out on a few occasions!

Some Members
Description- Eshanly has light brown hair, has brown eyes and is 5 feet 2 inches tall. Shes quiet and doesn't get into much trouble. In fact, she's the one who keeps us out of it! Or at least she tries to! :)

Triple J
Desription- Triple J goes to the Academy on Yavin Four. She has gray eyes. Triple J is quiet, but she likes adventure.

Sibuna Skyglider
Chat ID-Red/Rogue Six
Lightsaber-deep purple
Homeplanet-The Forrest Moon of Endor
Description- Sibuna has long brown hair, is 5 feet 7 inches tall, has purple eyes. She was trained at the Jedi Academy on Yavin 4. Her job on this mission is to keep us all in line. :)

Anubis (His nickname-He never tells his real name)
Description- Anubis is by far, the most interesting addition to the Society yet. At age 33 he was chrogenicaly frozen during the Clone Wars. He has black hair and blue within blue eyes. He is a loner and is always just following the crowd.

More Members!

Jon Williams

Assistant Editor
Hazel C. Skyrider
Home Planet- the Forest Moon of Endor
Age- 16
Chat ID--Red Three
Lightsaber-Lime green
Hazel is about 5'8" with short brown hair and blue eyes.
She's one of the people her cousin Sibuna was sent to control!
She's very intelligent and part of the brains of the Jedi Mission On Earth.

Tiana Moonrider
Chat I.D.-Rogue seven
lightsaber color-blue
Tiana is 13 years old and 5'4". She studied with Luke Skywalker
on Yavin Four.

Eanna Tac
Chat ID-Red/Rogue 11
Lightsaber Color-Turquise changes into blue
Homeplanet-The Forest Moon of Endor
Description-Eanna has long, curly brown hair. She is 5'6". She's very quiet.

Age: 16
Lightsaber: Green
Homeplanet: Sullust
Description: Roan likes music. He is also one of the greatest X-Wing pilots.

Shaun Ong
Lightsaber color: White
Description:i have hair up to my eyes if you pull it straight down. thats if i don't get caught during hair check. i'm bout 50+ kg. and. i'm a hot hand at the stick. can fly any craft. and a good strategist. I kinda grew up being real peaceful till i decided to rebel. been flying ever since. i can be real pessimistic. how optimistic can you be if your planet got blown up. anyway, i also can be optimistic. i mostly have the ability to do watever i want. i can switch my moods whenever i feel like it. also, i can go without sleep real long. however, only when i need to. if not, i', kinda lethargic. i can talk lotsa crap and just mess with people's mind. kinda like talking lots but saying nothing.

Member Name: Dev Sibwara Rank: Admiral Location: Classified Ships: ISD, TSD, and SSD(is in a sim with over 95 members so ha Birthdate: classified, unless i get present Sex: Male Marital Status: single & not too happy about it Hobbies: Kicking rebel ass. Fav. Weapon: Lightsaber, EE-3 blastrifle, and oh so more. Computers: The ones aboard his ships. Squadrons: His best squadron is Vape Squadron. Occupation: Admiral of the B.O.I., and Jedi Fav. Planet: Alderaan, for it was his homeplanet.

Hana Solo
Lightsaber color is ice blue.
My home planet was Mars, but I moved to endor and enrolled in the Jedi academy on yavin 4. I am currently training to become a Jedi Knight. I am 12 years old. I have long brown hair. My eyes are ice blue. I am not a REAL Jedi yet,but sofar my training is going well.I am a smuggler (I forgot to add that the first time!). I been on smuggling missions with my famous cousin Han Solo. I can fly anything. The force is strong in my family, But Han never bothered to learn about it until later. I am youngest training Jedi in my family. My friends don't believe in the force and don't plan to become Jedis(foolish). I love adventure & that is why I followed Han by smuggling. I am very good with the Lightsaber.

My name is Josie Imus
Lightsaber color: Green/White
I will be 11 years old on the 16 of May. I was born in 1987 in Fairbanks,Alaska. I am a BIG fan of Star Wars!