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Members    Only    Benefits!

Members now have benefits not available to non-members! (Another reason to join today!) At the current moment, they're nothing big. But I promise-they will get better!

Members can join a chat group!
It's a little confusing, but here's how it works....

First, you must join the Jedi Society. (duh!) To do this you need to email Gemi. She will add your name to the list of members. After you have been added you need to join the mailing list. Email Lairah to be added. You will recieve an email telling you when our next chat meeting will be. Come to the chat meeting and you can join a group. Each group is run by the "Leader". Groups include Pilots (different colored squadrons) and other various jobs. If the leader or another members of the group is there, you can request to join. This is an easy way to meet your fellow Jedi Society members. It's also kinda fun to play around and have "fights" against each other. Join a group and try it today!

Current    Groups    &    Members

Red/Rogue Squadron-
Red Leader-Gemi Jade
Red Two-Lavi Lightbearer
Red Six-Sibuna Skyglider
Red Seven-Tiana Moonrider
Red Three-Hazel Skyrider

Email Gemi to join the Red/Rogue Squadron

New Republic Intelligence
Lairah Skycelest

Email Lairah to join the New Republic Intelligance Crew

Want to start your own group? Email Gemi and she'll add your group to the list!