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12-21-97 Greetings from the Editor! Hi it's me, Gemi! This page was put here to inform you about all the stuff that the Jedi Society is going to do and what's going on. You may have noticed that we just added a chat room! Feel free to visit, meet other people there. \ Have fun! The chat room is just one of the newer features that will be soon apearing here. Soon we will have multimedia stuff, a picture page and a lot more. At the moment we are having computer problems, though, that prevent us from being able to make large changes all at once. When these problems are resolved, which should be relatively soon, The Jedi Society will be up and running much better. So hang on and stay patient! May The Force Be With You! Gemi Jade Skylighter

Hey! It's me again!

Hi! Have you noticed the new changes? Well, I'm trying! ~Gemi

Gemi Skylighter
United States

Jedi have bothered to read what Gemi has to say!