Specter    of    the    Past

Timothy Zahn writes the newest edition to the Star Wasr universe with the terrific style and excitement that we all luved in the Thrawn Trilogy. But the plot, in my opinion, is somewhat awful! The Empire is DEAD!! Why do almost all of the books have a plot involving the Empire as the main enemy? The New Republic needs a new, younger and more threatening rival! I think that the Empire is very over used. How many Star Wars books can you think of that don't involve th Empire as the main enemy? Didn't anyone think that we might be sick of them by now?
I must say though, that Zahn writes very well, even though the plot is a bit on the lame side. The part about Thrawn is the worst! I can't say much more about that, or I'll be saying too much!
If you're sick of the remains of a fallen Empire being the main rival of the New Republic, this book is not for you. But if you, like me, enjoy Zahn's wonderful story-telling talent, you should read Specter of the Past.

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