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Not    so    long    ago,    in    a    galaxy    far,    far    away....

Years after the great triumph of the Rebellion, and long after the New Republic became a thriving, sucessful government, the Jedi of Yavin Four began their mission. For many years it had been a goal to reach another galaxy. Many believed that another accually existed, but few believed they would ever reach one.

Far from the fourth moon of Yavin Gemi Jade Skylighter was traveling in her old ship. It was an X-Wing, left for scrap shortly after the rebellion. She had fixed it and modified it with skills that could only mean one thing, she was strong in the Force. But she already knew that. Newly trained as a Jedi, she was returning to her home planet, Corellia.
She sighed as she neared the planet, this might be her last time coming home. She was on a mission to reach another galaxy. Every mission before failed, the Jedi on it never to return. It was a terrifying thought. One can never know the possible fates of those Jedi. Yet she, 16 year old Gemi, was going to try to make it back to tell the tale.

Lavi smiled. She had just completed the perfect scam. Perhaps her finale one, at least in this galaxy. Despite her illegal dealings and various scams, Lavi Lightbearer was a Jedi. Force strong, and street wise, she was perfect was the mission. Who knew what they might run into. Maybe, she thought, she would find an even better scam to run where ever they ended up. If they made it.

To    be    Continued....